You do not have to walk the business tightrope without a net. Contact me to discuss the many options available to help grow your business.


Don't allow these problems to overwhelm you.

Collaboration is a key component to the success of any business. Collaboration, cooperation, and coordination. If you are in need of assistance with your stamping business please contact me. I will help you take your business to the next level.

When standing at the crossroad searching for direction you can rest assured that help is available.


MG Die Design, LLC

                                          Designer of World Class Progressive Stamping Dies

  • Pre build die set consulting.
  • Progressive die set design.
  • On site troubleshooting.
  • Product design.
  • General drafting.
  • SolidWorks Customization and Training

Good die set design requires a creative, yet logical mindset. You can rely on MG Die Design to adhere to your company's die design standards in order to submit the best possible design for productivity and longevity. All design work is completed using SolidWorks 3d software.

Is poor productivity a concern at your facility?

Do you have a particular die set that refuses to run at rate?

Do you often find yourself lacking sufficient design engineers to complete tasks on time?

Do you simply need a temporary designer to absorb some of your work load?