Tool and Die Maker

         September 1989 to March 1997


Company Profile

A progressive die designer is rewarded by seeing his creations in all facets of life. I love driving in traffic watching the lights and knowing that I designed the tool for that car. I love walking down the isles of our local hardware store. Many of the decorative faucets and lighting were made by my tools. Yes, a good stamping die is much like a child. You make a million decisions as you watch them grow on the screen. You watch with excitement as they are built. You watch nervously as they make the first stroke in a press. You nurture them through the development stages and then you finally stand tall with great pride as the first parts are shipped to the customer. Yes, my children are many and diverse. Feel free to call on me to help if your children are misbehaving and the problem seems unsolvable.

MG Die Design, LLC


Founded: 2013

Owner: Michael Greene


Areas of expertise: Progressive stamping die design, consulting, and trouble shooting. SolidWorks Cad Software.


We are committed to helping you reach your full potential in the competitive world of metal stamping.

General Machinist

        January 1980 to September 1989


Progressive Die Designer

          February 2001 to present.

Press Operator

        January 1973 to January 1980


MG Die Design, LLC

                                          Designer of World Class Progressive Stamping Dies

Tool and Die Machine Shop Supervisor

          March 1997 to February 2001

I have designed progressive dies to stamp parts for a diverse industry base. The list below shows many examples but is not all inclusive:

North American Lighting

Delta Faucet



Schlage Lock


Cooper B Line